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15-19 July 2018 // Liège // Belgium

Opening and closing ceremonies 


New for this 2018 edition, both the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony will take place in the open air on a giant stage on the Place Saint-Lambert. The Place Saint-Lambert is a square in the centre of Liège. Until 1794, it was the site of St. Lambert’s Cathedral. Remains of the foundations of the cathedral have been conserved, and are on display at the Archéoforum museum, under the square. 


The opening ceremony will take place on Sunday 15th in the wake of the parade and the procession of the participants. For about 1 hour, the LOC will take you to a colorful and acrobatic show to celebrate the opening of the Eurogym. The opening ceremony will be followed by an open air party to further extend the magic.

The Closing Ceremony will be held on Thursday 19th at the beginning of the evening. As in previous editions, it will focus mainly on workshops to allow a maximum number of participants to take part. 

The closing ceremony will be followed by an «open air party» to extend magic a few more moments and close this 11th edition in style.

Programme - Opening Ceremony, 15th July: 

12:00 : Gathering of the Gymnasts in Parc d'Aavroy and Place de l'Yser

13:30 : Departure of the parades to the Place Saint-Lambert

14:00 : Start of the Opening Ceremony

15:30 : End of the Opening Ceremony


Programme - Closing ceremony, 19th July:

​19:00 : Gathering of the gymnasts

20:00 : Start of the Closing Ceremony

22:00 : End of the closing ceremony and Farewell party

Sunday 15th & Thursday 19th in the evening