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15-19 July 2018 // Liège // Belgium


 Time to say goodbye! 

Another edition of the EUROGYM has come and gone! Bye bye Liège, hello Reykjavik 2020! Read more by clicking here.


 Beautiful Gala at the EUROGYM! 

Another colorful day at the EUROGYM with the last day of the city performances and the UEG Gala! Find out more by clicking here.

 A royal day at EUROGYM ! 

Her Majesty the Queen came to see our gymnasts today! Find out more by clicking here.

 A very busy day for our 4.000 gymnasts! 

Workshops, educational forums, city performances and gym zone! Find out more by clicking here.

Opening & Closing

The Place Saint-Lambert is a square in the center of Liège.


It will be the perfect place to host opening and closing ceremonies. 

UEG Gala

The Country Hall will host the UEG Gala.


This year, The UEG TC GfA will launch a new format for the Gala.


Planned in treed places, in sports hall, in swimming pools, on water, etc. Some of the sites that are favourable to discover a new sport.

Educational Forum

Taking place within the University, in an appropriate place, presentations regarding health of sportsmen, theoretical and practical subjects about sports in general, about the individual well-being of sportsmen.

City performances

City performances will take place in different venues in the heart of the city, in public squares, in a park, at the place where the inhabitants of Liège are used to walk. The groups should present their performance at least twice during the week.

Gym Zone

An especially created area for evening activities will be reserved for participants.

Disco parties, entertainments, rivalry, ... will be organized there, so many opportunities to create encounters between participants from all the countries.


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