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15-19 July 2018 // Liège // Belgium


Is there already a schedule for the EUROGYM ?
Yes, you can find a provisionnal schedule by clicking here
What are the registration fees ?

The Local Organizing Committee  sets a price for the participation card of National Federations. But they set a price for the members of their delegation.  

Do not hesitate to contact your National Federation to know the price of the registration fees for your delegation.


What are the deadlines for registration ?

Preliminary registration with 10% of the participation card : 15th of November 2017 (this is not refundable).

Final registration : until 28th of February 2018
Balance of the payement : until 13th of April 2018


The official opening dates for the final bookings will be published soon. 


Can we take part to the EGFL and the EUROGYM ?

Of course, you can take part to one or both events. For the participation fees and rules about the age limit for both events don't hesitate to contact your National Federation.  

Who can register as a participant ?
  • Gymnasts from the year they turn 12 throughout the year they are 18 (born in 2006 to 2000)

  • 10% of the gymnasts in a group can be 10 and 11 years old (born in 2007 and 2008)

  • 10% of the gymnasts in a group can be 19 and 20 years old (born in 1999 and 1998​


All gymnasts who register must send a copy of their passport or other valid id which includes a photo and the date of birth, to the LOC.

Only participants are allowed in workshops, gala performances and at the stages for city performance - accreditations will be checked. Coaches may enter the stage for safety support when using equipment that requires this, like a trampette or tumbling/air track.

Who can have an accreditation ?
  • Participants according to the definition above

  • Coaches

  • Group/team leaders

  • Head of delegation 

Coaches may not take part on a performance as gymnasts.

Accompanying persons are not allowed in the schools and will not get an accreditation.

What about accommodations ?

Accommodation in schools is provided for all participants and is included in the participation fee. Liège has many schools in the city centre.

Through our volunteers and a safety/security agency there will be 24-hour service at all schools and security will be provided at all times. All schools are inspected by the fire authorities and approved for overnight accommodations.

All participants must bring their own sleeping (inflatable) mattress and sleeping bag.


What about the meals ?

Breakfast is served at each schools. Lunch and dinner are served at the main venue (Palais des Congrès).


Is there a limited number of gymnasts for the city performances ?

The groups must consist of a minimum of 6 gymnasts.

Stage performances cannot be longer than 6 minutes (including equipment preparation/removal)

Is it easy to move in Liège ?

Most facilities within the city are at walking distance. If not, busses will be provided. Our intention is also that all participants will be able to use the local busses with their attendance cards.

Special shuttles will also be available when needed.