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15-19 July 2018 // Liège // Belgium

Let's dream together ! 

Behind our slogan is the desire to gather and federate around the EUROGYM and the European Gym For Life Challenge all the people present by creating meetings, exchanges and sharing among participants from all walks of life.

In order to further strengthen this sense of solidarity and give meaning to our slogan, we also want to set up a collaboration with reception centers in the region. Our goal will be to involving a group of stateless young people in EUROGYM to «dream together» and make the 11th edition of this event a memorable one for all !

Of course, we hope that all of our participants will spread the word !


EUROGYM, which takes place every two years, has the objective to unite young European gymnasts. There is no competition, the programme is centred on sports activities and play, exchange and encounter. Numerous work-shops give the participants the possibility to discover and try new forms of activities and movements with young people of the same age. During the last edition, in Ceske Budejovice, the Belgian delegation was one the biggest with 500 gymnasts.

In 2018, Liège will host the 11th EUROGYM 2018, but not only. Indeed, the Flery City will aslo host the first edition of the European Gym for Life Challenge !

With a goal of 5000 participants, Liège wants to organize a memorable moment for gymnasts from all over Europe.

Discover what awaits you during the EUROGYM 2018 

Download a map of main venues by clicking here