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15-19 July 2018 // Liège // Belgium

Educational forum 


Because the EUROGYM is not only for gymnasts or dancers but also for coaches and supervisors, the LOC is very pleased to announce the holding of 2 educational forums on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th, both in the morning.

The first forum is called Multi SkillZ for Gym. The focus is creativity and help kids learn while having fun. The second one is called Acrobatic Gymnastics for All and is based on basic techniques for pyramids in Gymnastics for All performances.

1) Multi SkillZ for Gym, for a unique gym experience!
Do you want fun gymnastics classes full of energy? Do you want to encourage creativity in your lessons? Do you want new ideas to help kids learn and have a good time while doing it? Then Multi SkillZ for Gym is the ultimate tool for you!

With unique exercises and games, based on new insights regarding motor development, Multi SkillZ for Gym offers coaches and gymnasts of every level great value in the gym!

All the exercises and games are collected in an online video-database, which allows coaches to make the children learn and discover together in a playful environment, and develop motor skills and basic skills for gymnastics in a fun and effective way.

During this forum you will experience yourself how fun, challenging an (inter)active Multi SkillZ for Gym is, but also discover the core values of Multi SkillZ for Gym, the goals of the project, the structure of the online video-database and the effect of Multi SkillZ for Gym in Flandres. You will return home with many exercises, games, tips and ideas you can implement immediately in your own gym. Are you ready for a unique gym-experience? Come and join us during this educational forum! Would you like to see some gymnasts in action with Multi SkillZ for Gym? Watch the trailer here


Multi SkillZ for Gym is a project of the Flemish wing of the Royal Belgian Gymnastics Federation (Gymfed) in cooperation with Coach 2 Competence. It will be presented to you by Lore Marguillier. She has a Master degree in Physical Education and movement sciences, and 10 years of experience as a coach in Gymnastics for All and competitive gymnastics. As coordinator for Gymnastics for All and coach education of Gymfed, she develops and coordinates the project Multi SkillZ for Gym.

2) Acrobatic Gymnastics for All
Discovery and initiation of basic techniques in acrobatic gymnastics. This forum will also offer practical exercises to learn how to make simple and fun pyramids to integrate into gymnastics for all numbers.

Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th in the morning